Lichfield Festival – Sunday 12 September

We need to talk about Light…

Light is changing, dramatically. Our world is getting brighter. You can see it from space. But is brighter always better?

When Anna Levin began suffering adverse reactions to new forms of lighting, she found herself stumbling into a labyrinth of unanswered questions about how and why light is changing – for the worse – in the modern world…

Artificial light is voracious and spreading. Vanquishing precious darkness across the planet, when we are supposed to be using less energy. The quality of light has altered as well. Technology and legislation have crushed warm incandescent lighting in favour of harsher, often glaring alternatives. Find out why light is fundamental and understand its real impact on nature, our built environment, health and psychological well-being.

She asks the critical question: just how bright is our future? Anna Levin is a journalist and writer with a special interest in people’s connection with the natural world. She aims to make this complex scientific subject interesting and accessible to all at this appearance at Lichfield Literature Festival 2021.

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